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Ramadan Suitcase

808 days ago

Ramadan Suitcase

As accustomed, Qatar Academy Doha launched its 17th annual Ramadan Suitcase Initiative. This project has successfully continued over the past 17 years, with the support of our students as they take on this community service to help those less fortunate and to take responsibility for our society. With the support of Qatar Charity, our students managed to collect 1550 suitcases this year, a record number of packages filled with household necessities such as 2k of sugar, 2k of flour, 2k of rice, 2k powder milk, 2k oil, 2k dates, a doll and a toy. Moreover, our students took the time to prepare each and everyone of those suitcases followed by distributing them to those in need on March 31st, 2022. In fact, 600 families were provided with suitcases, as our students selflessly, respectfully, and generously distributed them. And in our way of encouraging our students, we provided the MYP students with Community & Service hours and CAS hours for our IB students.


We are proud of our students, for their continuous commitment to community service, awareness of their responsibilities towards their society and their consideration of others, all seeds planted in them from childhood. Our students continue to stress the importance of community services, as well as the importance of reaching Goal 1 of the Sustainably Development Goals by 2030 of ending poverty in all its forms everywhere.


We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our long-time partner, Qatar Charity, for their constant support throughout the years, as we endeavor to continue our projects in the years to come.