About High School

QAD Senior School


Qatar Academy Doha Senior School has almost 800 students of more than 20 nationalities.  The school comprises grades 6 to 10 of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) and grades 11 and 12 who are engaged in the IB Diploma Programme (DP).  We pride ourselves on being safe, respectful and responsible learners and that is at the core of what we do and who we are.  We have a holistic approach to education and aim to meet the needs of our students in the best way we can-be it when some extra support is needed but also within our Talented and Gifted Programme. Our students are supported by an experienced team of educators and there is a collaborative approach to both teaching and learning. Our facilities are second to none, with large airy classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, drama and design workshops and exceptional sporting facilities.  In addition to academic faculty there is strong pastoral support and also socio-emotional support with two dedicated counselors.  Upon graduation our students fly to all corners of the globe for university and college. 

Our graduating students are guided to choose an institution which is right for them, be it Harvard, Oxford,  Hamad Bin Khalifa University here in Doha,  or Community College.  In addition a number of students also choose to enter undergraduate programmes in the military attending institutions such as  Sandhurst and WestPoint.  

QAD provides an environment where a student can thrive. We take safeguarding very seriously and our entire community is committed to helping our students to be as academically successful as they can be, while also encouraging pride in one’s own culture


Power School

Power School is an online-based Student Information System (SIS) used by parents, faculty and staff throughout QA. Parents can visit the site 24 hours a day, seven days a week for an immediate, up-to-date record of their child’s performance, and attendance in school. Individual billing information for tuition, meals, and other fees is located here as well.

Teachers use the site to take attendance, update grades, create report cards and track student support services. In addition, health records and contact information are available for each student in case of emergency.  Power School is available for parents and teachers at:  school.qf.org.qa.

The striking architecture of Qatar Academy Doha  buildings on the outside is matched on the inside with spacious classrooms, natural light and a sense of openness. The Academy has the most advanced facilities of any school in the country and competes with the very best in the world.


Library & Media Center

The library and Media Center in the Senior School provide support for the learning and recreational reading needs of students, teachers and parents. In addition to more than 60,000 print and AV resources, the library provides access to an extensive list of electronic subscriptions and online resources available through the Destiny Library Management System. Qualified librarians provide full services in English and Arabic.
The Senior School Library provides the information support required for MYP students (Grade 6-10) and IB Diploma students (Grades 11-12). The qualified teaching specialist in the Media Center works with students and teachers to generate multimedia resources (photos, moving images and sound) to use in integrated classroom projects. In addition, a fully equipped Mac lab is available for the IB Film program.
As a member of Education City, Qatar Academy Doha students and faculty have reciprocal access to resources from all onsite universities through Inter Library Loans. Parents are welcome to join any of the Qatar Academy libraries as borrowing patrons.



Science Labs

Students who graduate from Qatar Academy Doha are equipped with a firm foundation of scientific knowledge and skills so that they are scientifically literate, active participants and informed decision-makers on matters of scientific importance. Teaching methodology is based on hands-on inquiry with a great deal of time spent in the school’s science labs. The Science Department is equipped with:

  • Six science labs with fume cupboards for Grades 6-12
  • Two labs used solely for Grade 12
  • A data-logging room equipped with networked computers to perform experiments with probes
  • A darkroom for light and photography experiments


Technology Department

School-wide technology is supported by a wireless network that allows students to access files, emails and classroom work at any time. Qatar Academy’s IT and E-Learning department oversees:
  • 10 state-of-the-art computer labs
  • Mobile learning equipment
  • Audio and video recording equipment
  • Online learning management system


The Qatar Academy Doha auditorium has a fully appointed stage and seating for an audience of approximately 250 people. The venue’s perfect acoustics and excellent sight lines provide an inviting setting for Qatar Academy Doha events. The space is used regularly to host school plays and musicals, debates, choral and orchestral events, and invited speakers.


Sports Venues

The Senior School houses excellent sports venues that provide a wide range of curricular and extra-curricular activities throughout the school year.

  • Olympic standard 50-meter swimming pool, with electronic timing and scoreboards
  • Two training pools for young swimmers
  • Multi-purpose sports complex
  • Squash courts
  • Fitness centers
  • Outdoor running track
  • Two Football pitches
  • Four indoor gymnasiums
  • Gymnastics room 


Dramatic and Visual Arts

Qatar Academy Doha recognizes the importance of the arts and their role in the creation of a well-rounded student curriculum. The Senior School offers a wide selection of visual arts, theater and music classes from photography and film classes to drama clubs and orchestral performances. QAD’s Dramatic and Visual Arts venues include:

  • Two drama classrooms with stages
  • Ceramics studio and adjoining kiln
  • Three art studios
  • Two music studios
  • Eight practice studios