About Primary School

Qatar Academy Doha Primary is an exciting place. We have developed a reputation as being a progressive school where high expectations, being challenged, taking risks and being responsible are parts of learning. We have high standards and expect students to have a strong desire to learn. We are a Primary Years Programme (PYP) Curriculum school, which focuses on the development of the whole child and provides a framework that can meet a child’s academic, social, physical, emotional and cultural needs. It is an inquiry-based curriculum and lends itself to being integrated across all subject areas. Students take ownership of their learning and develop skills and attitudes to help prepare them for life beyond the classroom in a global world. The  Primary Years Programme (PYP) caters for all the different kinds of learners in the classroom as there is literally something for everybody. 
A strong academic foundation is established through an inquiry-based approach to discovery and learning. At the heart of the programme is the International Baccalaureate (IB) Learner Profile and students develop their skills, knowledge and attitudes based around these key attributes.  The programme is built around concept-driven Units of Inquiry and students spend their week studying Arabic and Islamic Studies too.


Power School

Power School is an online-based Student Information System (SIS) used by parents, faculty and staff throughout QA. Parents can visit the site 24 hours a day, seven days a week for an immediate, up-to-date record of their child’s performance in school. Individual billing information for tuition, meals, and other fees is located here as well.

Teachers use the site to take attendance, update grades, create report cards and track student support services. In addition, health records and contact information are available for each student in case of emergency.  Power School is available for parents and teachers at:school.qf.org.qa.


School and Class Stories, Individual Digital Portfolios

At Qatar Academy Primary, we are using ClassDojo to communicate with parents. This online tool allows our administrators and teachers to communicate directly with parents. Parents are able to sign up to their child’s classroom using a unique code that allows access to classroom announcements in a “Class Story”, as well as secure, private one-on-one teacher and parent communication. Further, the “School Story” provides school-wide updates, notices, and celebrations to all of our primary school families.
Seesaw is used for student digital portfolios in grades 2 - 5. This comprehensive online system allows teachers and students to “show what they know” by documenting and uploading their learning via photos, videos, audio recordings, drawings, text, and links.

Please view the Primary School Parent and Student Handbook below:

Primary School Handbook 2021-2022

The striking architecture of Qatar Academy buildings on the outside is matched on the inside with spacious classrooms, natural light and a sense of openness. The Academy has the most advanced facilities of any school in the country and competes with the very best in the world. Take a look at our Facilities photo album in the Primary School Gallery.



The Primary School showcases two fully staffed libraries for young students. Services in English and Arabic are provided in each venue. The Preschool Library caters specifically to children in Preschool 3 through Grade 1 while the Primary Library supports the learning needs of students from Grade 2 through Grade 5. 

The qualified teaching specialists in the Media Center work with students and teachers to generate multimedia resources (photos, moving images and sound) for use in integrated classroom projects. As a member of Education City, Qatar Academy students and faculty have access to resources from all onsite university libraries through inter-library loans. Parents are welcome to join any of the Qatar Academy libraries as borrowing patrons.



The Qatar Academy auditorium has a fully appointed stage and seating for an audience of approximately 250 people. The venue’s perfect acoustics and excellent sight lines provide an inviting setting for Qatar Academy events. The space is used regularly to host school plays and musicals, debates, choral and orchestral events, and invited speakers.


Sports Venues

The Primary School has direct access to excellent sports venues and hosts a wide range of curricular and extra-curricular activities throughout the school year. 

  • Olympic standard 50-meter swimming pool, with electronic timing and scoreboards
  • Two training pools for young swimmers
  • Multi-purpose sports complex
  • Tennis and squash courts
  • Fitness centers
  • Outdoor running track
  • Two Football pitches 
  • Four indoor gymnasiums
  • Gymnastics room