What We Do

What We Do

Qatar Academy Doha student-athletes compete locally and throughout the Middle East in competitive individual and team sports. Each season culminates with a NESAC (Near East Schools Activities Conference) tournament held at a sponsoring school in the region.



Boys & Girls U14
Boys & Girls Junior Varsity (U16)
Boys and Girls Varsity (U19)



Boys and Girls Teams


Track & Field

Long Distance
  • Qatar United English Speaking Schools (QUESS) locally held tournaments in all sports Participate in Sports Leagues-in basketball, football and volleyball.
  • Qatar Academy 2020 - 2021 Near East Schools Activities Conference (NESAC) Tournaments.

The Qatar Academy extra and co-curricular activities programme offers quality opportunities for each student to develop the skills and mindset needed to become an active and contributing member of both our local and global community. The activities program seeks to develop the whole child, and to foster empathy, tolerance, action-oriented service, and healthy lifestyles in its participants. The activities program provides students with leadership and personal growth opportunities.

Our activity options feature a World leading MUN programme which runs an intense schedule of conferences and event fixtures throughout the year, the highlight event is hosting the THIMUN Qatar in late January.

Here is an example of our experiential learning activities that will be delivered this school year;

  • New Student Orientation
  • MUN Festival Administrative Assistant
  • QMUN Administrative Assistant
  • QMUN Press Crew
  • Eid Al Adha Suitcase
  • Orphans Club
  • Terry Fox Run
  • Quran Memorization
  • Concert Bands
  • Botball
  • Community & Service Leadership
  • Workers Appreciation
  • MUN Action
  • Spanish Club
  • Art Club
  • Get to Live Islam
  • Destination Imagination
  • School of Rock
  • Clothing Drive
  • Middle School MUN
  • Debate Club
  • Sports & Event Volunteers
  • Student Sports Council
  • Student Council
  • Drama Club
  • Qatar Culture Club
  • Our Place, Our Community
  • Quran Memorization
  • Promoting Moral Values in the School
  • World Robot Olympiad-Lego
  • QAD Beginners/ Intermediate Band
  • QAD Action
  • Music helpers
  • Orchestra
  • QAD NESAC / Jazz Advanced Band
  • Qatar History
  • Entrepreneurs Club
  • QAWS
  • High School Theatre Production

Model United Nations takes place in school clubs around the world. It is an extra-curricular activity where students are delegates and represent a country of the world at a conference. Ahead of the conference, students research the policies of the country and prepare opening speeches, a policy statement and resolution on an issue that will be discussed and debated in their committee. Conferences can last from one to four days and can be organized by middle schools, high schools, or universities.
As students gain more experience and understanding about MUN they can apply for Chair positions and lead the debate in committee rooms. There are also other roles including various executive positions, press, and admin.
Qatar Academy Doha MUN has three main branches that continue to grow in student numbers and participation.
 The High School MUN (grades 9-12) goes to nine in Qatar conferences and two international conferences (Paris MUN and Beijing MUN).
The Middle School MUN (grades 6-8) goes to three in Qatar conferences and one international conference in Singapore.
QA Action (grades 6-12) is the service wing of MUN at Qatar Academy Doha. They plan and host activities at school including the international food festival, movie night, and teachers appreciation to name a few. This year the a group of high school students will be going to Bandipur, Nepal for a week long service trip in November.

Pre University Education’s Academic Affairs is proud to host The Hague International Model United Nation’s (THIMUN) regional office, bringing world class leadership, Model UN and Leadership opportunities to students in Qatar and the region. The THIMUN Qatar office hosts the fall Qatar Leadership Conference, the Middle East’s largest MUN conference each February, the Arabic Model UN conference each spring, and a new international middle school Model UN conference, the first in the region.

The THIMUN Foundation, established in The Hague in 1981, is an accredited NGO with the United Nations Department of Public Information and was granted, in 2003, Roster Consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. THIMUN’s flagship MUN conference began in 1968, with a second conference added in Singapore in 2005. The THIMUN Qatar office was established in 2011 to meet the growing demand for quality MUN experiences for high school students in the Middle East.

The THIMUN Qatar office is located at
Pre University Education HQ, and staffed by THIMUN Qatar Head Fatima El Mahdi .

Based on the THIMUN philosophy, all events are planned and run by high school students for their peers, making THIMUN Qatar one of the region’s most innovative and important leadership incubators. The THIMUN Qatar program has doubled in size since its inception in 2011, and is experiencing strong annual growth, a testament to the demand and desire students and schools are putting in high quality experiential learning programs in Qatar and beyond.

THIMUN Qatar MUN Conference
Held at the end of January, the THIMUN Qatar conference is one of only
three THIMUN conferences worldwide. Over 1500 student delegates, student officers, press, Admin, IT and members of the Student Executive team participate in the region’s largest MUN conference. Held in the state-of-the-art Qatar National Convention Centre, the conference attracts schools from as far away as Australia, China, Tanzania and the United States.

Qatar Leadership Conference
, QLC.

The QLC is a unique leadership event, bringing thought leaders in the areas of youth activism, peace and reconciliation, social entrepreneurship and SDG action, in addition to MUN, together with some of the region’s brightest high school students. The QLC format sees over twelve unique sessions of workshops and presentations each hour, allowing students, teachers and recognized experts in their fields to learn and share from one another. The QLC is meant to be an incubator for ideas, and a networking opportunity for participants

For more information about THIMUN Qatar’s MUN conference, the Qatar Leadership Conference, or the SDG Action projects, please visit the website at https://qatar.thimun.org or contact the office at thimunqatar@qf.org.qa



College Counseling

The college application process is both challenging and exciting, and requires good preparation. While formal university counseling officially begins in Grade 11, students begin the process of exploring university options in Grade 9 and 10, along with academic guidance and career exploration. As an international school, we are fully aware of the varying needs of students applying to different countries and are able to ensure their college preparation is best suited to their individual goals.

Throughout Grades 9 and 10, the best preparation that a student can do is take challenging courses, identify one's interests and strengths, research a variety of colleges and universities, and commit oneself to academic success.
Upon entry into Grades 11 and 12, students receive classroom instruction and individualized attention to help direct them in their college search, and to walk them through the college application process. The College Counselor is available to all high school students and their parents, and it is highly encouraged to visit with the College Counselor about post-secondary plans and questions.

In addition to one-on-one and classroom guidance sessions with counselors, students have access to numerous college planning resources, including the Cialfo college planning tool. Qatar Academy hosts visits from universities from around the world in regions including the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Canada, the Middle East and Education City, to name a few. We welcome a visit with proper notification from any fully accredited institution.

Ministry of Education Approved Universities 
Education City Universities
Qatar University

College Counselor


Mr. Michael Clancy, M.Ed.

Senior School Counsellor

Qatar Academy Doha




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